128, Morrisville Square Way,
Morrisville, N.C-27560.
919-271-3182, 919-651-9519
Transportation To and From the School is Now Available!
Fenced pay ground for pre-schoolers
Low Child/Staff ratio
Spanish lesson every Mondays
Dance and Music specials
Call for scheduled tours. Tours are given by appointments.
Structured Montessori program in all areas.
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At Paramount Montessori, we are committed to child development in children between the ages of two years to six years. Our Montessori preschool, unlike daycare centers, has work blocks two times a day which is consistent with the Montessori method of teaching.

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School Staff

At Paramount Montessori, our specially enriched learning environment with age appropriate Montessori materials, child size furniture, low staff child ratio, safe and clean environment helps children to engage in activities that will aid child development.

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We offer admission to our Montessori school throughout the year, based on the availability of space. If parents wish to withdraw their child from Paramount Montessori, a 30-day written notice is required. Children must be at least 2 years old for this program and the Montessori program spans through 6-year-old students.

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What Teachers say about Paramount Montessori
We could not be happier with this school. Our daughter started in her Montessori here in 2016 and settled in immediately. She loves going to school every day and is excelling academically and socially, exceeding our wildest expectations. All the staff we have had contact with are friendly and conscientious. The owner Kaushiki Biswas is very understanding & positive. The learning activities are wonderfully varied and, by all accounts, great fun. The school has impressive daily activities like Spanish, music which is helping in her overall growth. If you are looking for a good/ individual attention/ care look no beyond than Paramount Montessori!
Ravi KumarRavi Kumar
Paramount Montessori is one of the best preschools in Morrisville & Cary area with economic fee structure and very good curriculum for different age groups between 3 to 6. This school has excellent teaching faculty with very good infrastructure. Being a newly established school, Mrs. Kaushiki is doing tremendously well in maintaining the standards of the school. My daughter had improved a lot just in a very short time. The practical way of teaching methodologies followed in this school helps the children to learn all the important and basic tasks that they need to adapt in daily life. The curriculum in the school not only teaches education but also importantly behavior and attitude.As a parent I highly recommend this school as one of the best schools in Morrisville & Cary area. I wish this school all the very best and a bright future ahead.
Malti Jain, former teacher from Poe MontessoriMalti Jain, former teacher from Poe Montessori
Kaushiki Biswas is a very talented and a great Montessori teacher. It has been a pleasure working with her. She always comes down to the level of a child and does hands on work with them. She is very honest and dedicated worker. She keeps the environment very calm and pleasant. The children love her pleasing personality. I wish her ALL THE BEST in her future endeavors.
Miss Nicole Duran, Teacher at Sterling MontessoriMiss Nicole Duran, Teacher at Sterling Montessori
I worked with Kaushiki several years ago in a Montessori classroom. She was also very kind and soft spoken with the children. She was always very good at classroom management, which allowed the day to run smoothly. I would feel very lucky to have my own child in her classroom of her kind and generous manners!
Karen Williams, Teacher at Poe MontessoriKaren Williams, Teacher at Poe Montessori
Kaushiki Biswas is a wonderful Montessori teacher. Her kind and nurturing personality allow children to feel comfortable and peaceful in her classroom. When giving lessons, Kaushiki models the Montessori methods in a calm and inviting manner.