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5 Questions to Ask When Touring a Daycare or Montessori School

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in Montessori Education

For many parents choosing a daycare program can be a struggle. Not only are they expensive, but some places may not require any sort of formal training for those who are in charge, which means there’s no guarantee of the quality of care their child receives.Touring a Daycare in Morrisville

The good news for Triangle area residents is that standard daycare centers aren’t the only options available! Paramount Montessori in Morrisville offers dynamic programs for half or full academic days, before or aftercare, and with other schedule options to suit individual needs. So, whether looking for a daycare or Montessori program, there are a few things to know before coming to a decision.

5 questions to ask when touring a daycare or Montessori school are:

  • What programs are available? Ultimately, parents need to know if the center or school they’re touring will meet their needs. After all, there’s no sense in selecting an option that won’t fit in a family’s schedule. Paramount Montessori offers a wide range of options for families to consider!
  • What are tuition costs? Childcare is expensive, and regular daycare centers can charge exorbitant amounts weekly for only part-time care. Our Montessori programs are more affordable and we have flexible payment plan options so families are never burdened with a large cost upfront.
  • What is the staff to child ratio? Is the staff trained? It’s not a good sign when a center is understaffed or experiences a high turnover rate. Trained and licensed staff will be sure to provide quality care and attention in any situation that could arise.
  • Are there toilet training requirements? Most daycares and Montessori schools will require successful toilet training before a child is enrolled. Find out the details and plan accordingly.
  • Are there any holiday or vacation closings? Childcare workers and teachers need time off, too. Be sure to ask if they observe any holidays or have down times so that schedules can be accommodated.

Our programs at Paramount Montessori are affordable, flexible, and best of all fun for children to learn and grow. To schedule a tour and learn more about what we offer, contact us today!

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5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Child’s Education

Posted by on Nov 10, 2017 in Montessori Education

Research shows that children will perform better in school when their parents are actively involved in their education. Children who are supported in their education will also tend to find more enjoyment and value in learning and working alongside their peers.

So, what are the best ways for parents to get involved and boost their child’s education?

5 easy tips for Paramount Montessori parents to engage with and encourage their children’s education are:

  • Read Together. Reading every day will help children to increase their vocabulary and understanding of how written language works. Reading educational and helpful for language development, it also encourages children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills. Be active readers and ask questions and discuss the stories together!
  • Play Board Games. These games are usually kid-friendly and fun, but they’re also great tools for teaching how to count, read, strategize, and work in a team. There are also some studies that suggest playing board games or with puzzles will help develop a child’s spatial reasoning ability.
  • Experience Nature. Making time to play outside is integral to a child’s development and education. There’s a great, big world out there to explore and plenty to learn! It’s also beneficial for children to participate in daily exercise, so get outside and play together!
  • Talk Openly. The adage, “children should be seen and not heard” is terribly outdated. In fact, studies have shown that children develop the framework for language long before they speak, so start talking to them early! Once they can talk back, encourage them to express their ideas and engage them in conversation.
  • Teach in Mundane Moments. For us adults, the daily routine is second-nature and we understand how things work. However, children are experiencing all of this for the first time and they have lots of questions.

At Paramount Montessori in Morrisville, we focus on providing enriching learning experiences to your children and we firmly believe that parent involvement makes the difference in a child’s receptiveness to learning. To schedule a tour and find out more about our Montessori programs, contact us today!

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4 Childcare Options for Parents with Preschool Children

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Montessori Education

The decision on where a child will attend preschool can determine the future of that child. This may sound rather intimidating and maybe a little out-of-reach, but it can be very true.Childcare in Morrisville NC

At Paramount Montessori, we have seen students who have been taught in a variety of educational environments and we understand the impacts of each environment. We have also seen many Morrisville parents struggling with the decision of which childcare option is right for their family.

4 options that all parents have for preschool and childcare in Morrisville are:

  1. Montessori School: Montessori schools set themselves apart from the other childcare options in Morrisville because it allows the lesson plan to work well for a group, but also includes personalized attention for each child. Montessori school, like Paramount Montessori, typically have a much lower student to teacher ratios.
  2. Traditional Daycare: Traditional daycares typically have classrooms of 8 to 10 students, no matter the age group. These organizations have standardized lesson plans for all students despite their developmental situation.
  3. In-Home Daycares: In-home daycares can save money, but are typically run by stay-at-home moms who are not sure what education goals each student should have. If a mom has a background in education, an in-home daycare can provide very personalized care.
  4. No Preschool or Stay-At-Home: We all want to know our children best and spend every moment with them. This leads many parents to decide to stay at home and educate their children. However, no preschool experience can delay a child due to the fact that the parent isn’t trained to teach.

Different childcare options are right for different families. Do you have more questions about your current situation? Or maybe you want to know how a Montessori curriculum is created? Contact Kaushiki at Paramount Montessori School to learn more and book a tour!

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What is Different about a Montessori Education

Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Montessori Education

Deciding on the best preschool to help a child’s development is crucial to their future success. Making sure that they have all the resources they need to learn and grow is how a Montessori Education is different from other programs. Paramount Montessori has compiled a short list of the many ways a Montessori education is different from other preschools.Morrisville Montessori School

3 ways a Montessori Education is different from other preschools include:

  1. Age appropriate Montessori materials: Making sure that a child is learning at a steady pace, but in a manner that is interesting and engaging helps to develop a love of learning at a young age. Also, these materials help the teaching staff to understand a child’s learning style and pace. The child sets their learning pace and the materials are garnered towards a child’s individual needs. At other preschools, the teacher sets the pace and the materials may not be individually based.
  2. Low staff to child ratio: Paramount Montessori caps the classroom to ensure a low staff to child ratio. This helps to make sure every child has individualized attention and guidance throughout the learning day. Children develop discipline and the understanding of making choices and the consequences to certain choices in the learning environment. Other preschools can be overcrowded, which means that the child does not get the attention that he/she needs to continue learning.
  3. Montessori certified staff: Trained teachers help to instill the best teaching practices in the classroom. They have a full and attentive understanding of Montessori learning materials and processes. They guide the learning environment but also are trained to help the child develop confidence in their learning abilities. Other preschools may have a generalized structure of teaching materials in the classroom.

Paramount Montessori, which is located in Morrisville, focuses on creating a three-tiered approach. We have a focus on child development, a proper learning environment, and an enriching Montessori education. Contact Paramount Montessori to take a tour and learn more about our Montessori programs.

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