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Morrisville, N.C-27560.
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We could not be happier with this school. Our daughter started in her Montessori here in 2016 and settled in immediately. She loves going to school every day and is excelling academically and socially, exceeding our wildest expectations. All the staff we have had contact with are friendly and conscientious. The owner Kaushiki Biswas is very understanding & positive. The learning activities are wonderfully varied and, by all accounts, great fun. The school has impressive daily activities like Spanish, music which is helping in her overall growth. If you are looking for a good/ individual attention/ care look no beyond than Paramount Montessori!
Umadevi Gowda
Paramount Montessori is really an nice school. Educational level is reaaly nice. My son is going there for a year now. He loves all his teacher and friends. Kudos to miss Kaushiki and her team.
Vivek Baxy
My son has been at Paramount Montessori for a year now and will be leaving for KG. We moved him here from another famous chain daycare in the area and are so glad we did. What I like about this school is being able to pack a lunch from home, anytime he has been feeling slightly unwell I get a prompt phone call and I get great feedback about his strengths and interests at the parents teachers meet. The kids learn to read and write and also do math in a fun way and most of all my son enjoys going to school. My only regret is we did not send him here earlier and I am hoping KG will be as fun and educational as his preschool here has been.
Vinu Jyothi
We have been sending our daughter for the last 1.5 years and she loves it. We are happy that we found this school managed by Ms.Kaushiki. Our daughter has a wonderful experience going to this school, and learning different topics on math, english , nature , etc. Although , our daughter will be entering kindergarten this year, we can confidently say, she is probably ready for 1st grade.Thanks to all the staff at Paramount Montessori, who are very kind and take great care of the children there.
We wish the best for this school and hope it continues to grow
Sangeetha Rajagopalan
My 4 yr old has been going to Paramount since last year. I have had a great experience with the school. The teachers are very nice and the head teacher, Ms. Kaushiki or Ms. K as she is fondly referred to by the kids is a perfect balance of TLC and discipline. I have seen many positive changes in my child since the time he started going to this school. The student teacher ratio is good and they have a well-rounded & structured day for the kids.I had a great experience with Montessori environment with my older one and thus was keen on giving the same for my younger child. And I am glad to say that I found it in Paramount. The reasonable tuition is an added plus. I am sure when my kid goes to Kindergarten next year, he will be well prepared to take on that challenge, thanks to the wonderful teachers and Paramount. I give them 2 thumbs up!!
Swati Mulley
My son goes to this school and he loves it. The teachers are wonderful and they have a good balance of play and learn. The entire setup looks very well organized and children are given plenty of individual attention. Our son has had a great experience and looks forward to learning new things on a daily basis which says a lot about the way the kids are taught language, math and other life skills.
The teachers have always been cooperative and friendly, the owner takes an active part in managing this wonderful school and that definitely helps.
Nishant Dholakia
My daughter has been attending this school for about 2 years now and she loves it. After few experiences in other schools, we can say that this is one of the best schools in the area. We were very pleased with the environment and teaching skills that are present at this school. The Montessori environment was keen for us and I can say that at this school this concept has taught my daughter a great deal. The teachers are great and give plenty of one on one attention to the children. They are also very friendly and are always willing to listen to the parents and children.The owner/head teacher Ms. K is perfect in every way, she shows compassion towards the children but also disciplines and teaches them right from wrong. She and other teachers for example teach them math, reading, and life skills. The school has different activities for different days, for example one of the days they will learn Spanish, another day it would be about Music etc.I have seen my daughter grow in positive way since she started attending this school and I know that she is prepared for Kindergarten and will exceed due to all the positive things she has learned at this school. We will certainly miss all the teachers and Ms. K!! This school has many things to offer and I would recommend this school to all the parents. I hope the best for this school and hope they continue to grow in the coming years.
Pinal S
When we started looking for a school, we were very apprehensive of the new school that just opened nearby. Our confidence in the school started the very first day, when the owner – Kaushiki took time to explain how the Montessori system works. Kids were very comfortable with the pace and the organized surroundings and our apprehension of investing the kids future in a new school began to fade with each week/month. We were at ease knowing that the kids were in the right environment with the right teachers to guide them through the development phase. The kids had fun while learning in this system.As the Kids are going to School this year, I wish the best to the school and thank the teachers/management for taking good care of my Kids and preparing them for the future.
Raju Penumatcha
Paramount Montessori is a Great school.The education level is excellent. Teachers are very co-operative and helpful .I am very happy with my decision to get enrolled my son into this school.
The smaller classes, individualized instruction, focus on the whole child ,and sense of community all make PARAMOUNT MONTESSORI a great fit for my family.
Arti Dua
My daughter joined paramount Montessori 5 months ago and I can see many transformations in her. Paramount Montessori has exceeded our expectations in every way.The staff is personable and caring and the teachers are amazing.The friendly environment of the school is very good.The kid can get adjusted easily .I Am very happy by the performance of the school.I would like to advise to put your kid in this school. curriculum wise the school is very good. Kaushiki maa’m is very good manager.She manages everything very nicely.U can see your child grooming nicely.
Karan Raka
A great find for us. Wish we had known about Paramount Montessori sooner. Paramount Montessori offers exactly what you need for Pre-school and Pre-k age kids. Our Son transitioned from another popular pre-school in the area almost a year ago. We now send healthy lunch from home :-). Very accommodative and understanding management. My son loves the teachers, especially Miss. Naida is extremely polite and kind. Great job Miss. K.
Preetha Radhakrishnan
Paramount Montessori is more than just a school,it’s like families working together to provide children with the best possible educational environment .It promotes development of the whole person.MY daughter is very happy n ready to go to school.I can see many changes in her .Montessori programme followed by the Koushki Maa’m is very good and unique .Your child learns a lot.The teachers and the staff here is very caring and friendly.The child can mingle very easily in this school.words are short to describe the school.Paramount rocks………
Pranjal Raka
Love the teachers, teaching and the reasonable Tuition fees. I feel my daughter is in good hands when she’s there. My daughter loves being a part of the school and enjoys learning in the Montessori way. One more plus point is that they warm the lunch for kids which definitely helps me pack a variety of foods for my daughter.
Ammu Prethesh
My daughter is in this school since 8 Months , initially I was confused whether this is the right preschool or not because I had bad experience in previous preschools and now Am very glad that we got fantastic teacher like Kaushiki, She knows well how to train and tackle preschool kids. I have seen my daughter learned so much these 8 months and very excited to learn new things each day. I am very much impressed with the curriculum and the way staff interacting with the kids. They are offering good educational program for preschool kids with reasonable tuition fee. I would recommend every preschool kid to join here to make them ready for Kinder garden. I wish Kaushiki and the wonderful staff all the very best and continue to grow.
Saritha Koneti
My daughter goes to this preschool from last 2 years. From teachers to study curriculum to facilities to ambiance….we are totally happy & satisfied.
My daughter loves her school so much that many days she doesn’t want to come home or …want to go school even during the weekends :)100% recommended!
Nimesh Nagar
Paramount Montessori is the BEST. My son is very happy and likes the school a lot. He joined paramount Montessori 7 months ago and I can see how much he has learnt at school.
The teachers a very good and the teaching curriculum is great.
Miss.K sends emails, keeping you informed. Also the tuition fee at Paramount Montessori is very reasonable.
We are very happy that we found this school and I recommend anyone looking for pre-school program to go to Paramount Montessori because you will be happy to know that your child is in good hands.
Prasana Prem
I have had very pleasant experiences with this school. My son first went here, had good experiences, graduated to elementary school and I was encouraged to enroll my daughter also. Mrs. Biswas is kind, understanding and patient to say the least. Teachers greet you with a smile and are gentle with the children. They have a great curriculum, Math, Phonics, Spanish, Censorial, lessons with daily reinforcement. My daughter’s awareness and language has improved tremendously. She is happy to go to school. My daughter has been here a year and when I ask how was school, her response is always “School is cool”.
Vivian Ette
My daughter has been attending Paramount Montessori for the past 18 months. She enjoys going to the school and loves the teachers working there. She used to be a very clingy child, so we were bit worried to send her to school, but to our surprise starting day 1, she never refused to go to school. In fact, she is one of those kids who wants to go to Paramount even on weekends. We have seen a significant change in her learning abilities and also her general behavior since she started here. My daughter has been taught the importance of being independent, besides being exposed to academics.
The other thing is, timings are flexible. This is not one of those preschools where the kid has to be at school on time if not they get a tardy. Once they start Kindergarten, for next several years they don’t have an option except for being on time. As long as they are in preschool, I think they need this flexibility. Coming to teachers, each and every one of them are so nice and have lot of patience. They have that big smile on their face when we drop the kids in the morning which doesn’t change even when we pick them up.
Overall it has been a very joyful experience for her as well as for us. I would recommend parents to enroll their children at Paramount Montessori.Hyma Venati
Kaushiki Biswas is a wonderful Montessori teacher. Her kind and nurturing personality allow children to feel comfortable and peaceful in her classroom. When giving lessons, Kaushiki models the Montessori methods in a calm and inviting manner.Karen Williams, Teacher at Poe Montessori
I worked with Kaushiki several years ago in a Montessori classroom. She was also very kind and soft spoken with the children. She was always very good at classroom management, which allowed the day to run smoothly. I would feel very lucky to have my own child in her classroom of her kind and generous manners!Miss Nicole Duran, Teacher at Sterling Montessori
Kaushiki Biswas is a very talented and a great Montessori teacher. It has been a pleasure working with her. She always comes down to the level of a child and does hands on work with them. She is very honest and dedicated worker. She keeps the environment very calm and pleasant. The children love her pleasing personality. I wish her ALL THE BEST in her future endeavors.Malti Jain, former teacher from Poe Montessori
Paramount Montessori is one of the best preschools in Morrisville & Cary area with economic fee structure and very good curriculum for different age groups between 3 to 6. This school has excellent teaching faculty with very good infrastructure. Being a newly established school, Mrs. Kaushiki is doing tremendously well in maintaining the standards of the school. My daughter had improved a lot just in a very short time. The practical way of teaching methodologies followed in this school helps the children to learn all the important and basic tasks that they need to adapt in daily life. The curriculum in the school not only teaches education but also importantly behavior and attitude.
As a parent I highly recommend this school as one of the best schools in Morrisville & Cary area. I wish this school all the very best and a bright future ahead.Ravi Kumar